Sea of Thieves Anniversary Edition

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EVE Online: Alpha Pack

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Tom Clancy's The Division

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Conan Exiles

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Destiny 2 KEY Europe
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Sea of Thieves

Xbox One KEY Global
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Massively multiplayer online game (in short: MMOG or MMO) is a type of computer game in which we play the game via the Internet.
In MMO games the game is focused on interactions between players, which are characterized by extensive communication, extensive fight with many players at the same time, these games often have extensive trade, as well as economics or politics.

MMO games are divided into MMORPG and MMOSG. In MMORPG games a player often has to pay fixed subscription fees. Some of them offer free gameplay after purchasing a licensed copy of the game. Free MMORPG genre free games, in turn, earn additional paid upgrades.
In MMOSG games, the game is mainly run through a web browser, which does not require installation of any additional software. These games are usually free, and their producers earn on paid extras.

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