Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy

The Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy describe the manner in which the Administrator handles personal information when the User uses Services of the Website. This applies also to other information provided when using the Website, in any manner, including making purchases. Below the main aspects of operations of the Websites were presented which affect or may affect privacy of its Users.


1. Personal information

  1. Navigating the Website and making purchases. You can navigate the Website without having the User’s Account and make purchases – with significant restrictions arising among others from the need to ensure safety of transactions. You can also contact the Administrator via the User Help Center without registering an account.
  2. Account on the Website / Registration. Some functionalities of the Website are only available for the registered and logged in Users. Such Users also have additional options related to purchase management (goods/digital products) and they have far less restrictions related to purchase options in comparison to Users not registered/logged in.
  3. Information about the use. During the use of the Website the Administrator may register information such as (in particular): 
    • E-mail
    • Registration IP
    • Registration confirmation IP
    • Logging IP
    • Cart IP
    • Details about elements clicked by the User on the website
    • Information about the place of residence
    • Information about returning to the website – also by a User not logged in
    • Information about purchase preferences, among others based on viewed products, previous purchases as well as items temporarily added to the card – even if no purchase was made
    • Details about subscriptions to the newsletter
  4. Information reading verification. In order to ensure proper service quality the Administrator may include tags (also referred to as web beacon) in HTML e-mails sent by the customer service department or other messages sent to confirm their delivery. It is also possible to adequately verify whether information was read by the User.


2. Manners of using data and Cookies

  1. In the case of sending Personal Information to the Website, it can be used to maintain, share and improve the Website and process orders as well as to analyse interests of Users in products offered on the Website.
  2. The Administrator does not use personal information of Users to send commercial or advertising messages without their consent. The Administrator may use e-mail address for purposes other than advertising or administration purposes (such as notification about the status of orders of Users, availability of products, etc.). In particular this applies to communication in relation to the implementation of orders.
  3. The Administrator can use cookies, web beacons and information logs and other monitoring or profiling technologies (such as among others fingerprint of the browser, system end device, etc.) to (in particular):
    • save information thanks to which it will not have to be entered during the next visit of the User on the Website,
    • provide the User with non-standard and personalized content and information, and offer specific products to the User from the Store’s offer (in particular based on preferences of the returning User, even if the User is not registered/logged in - deduced from previous visits),
    • monitor efficiency of marketing campaigns – among others in terms of potential ads and promotions of products on the Website,
    • monitor collective measurements, e.g. total number of visitors and displayed pages, rankings and purchase statistics, etc.
  4. Cookies:
    • can be used by the Administrator or their Marketing Partners to identify the User,
    • can be used to trace all activities of the User, including – in particular – to obtain information referred to in item 3 above and to obtain the following data (actually or potentially):
      • information about pages viewed within the Website,
      • information about other Users with whom a given User communicates, what profiles a given User visits, etc.,
      • information about interactions of the User with other Users and particular parts or elements of the Website,
      • information about all elements clicked by the User within the Website,
      • information from what external websites the User entered the Website,
      • information to what external websites the User was redirected from the Website,
      • information about the IP number from which the User entered the Website and/or from which the User logged in, etc.,
      • information about all other interactions of the User with the Website or elements called by the User openly or implicitly.
    • can be used to adjust content to preferences and habits of the User (behavioural analysis), including (in particular) ads, the so-called behavioural marketing and self-promotion of the Website; in particular purchase preferences and suggestion for subsequent purchases based on previously viewed  or purchased products;
    • the User shall have the right to object – the User must set the end device appropriately for this purpose (in particular the browser - disabling or limiting the use of cookies) or – in justified cases – contact the Administrator; in justified cases, the User may also submit a relevant declaration,
    • however, the objection shall not apply to cookies with a technical nature (and not strictly following, used for marketing purposes) necessary for proper operation of the Website and its services.
  5. [Profiling] Information referred to in items 3 and 4 above may be used for profiling – both by the Administrator and by their Marketing Partners, suppliers of digital products, respecting the right to object referred to in item 4(d) of this Policy and subject to the reservation specified in item 4(e).
  6. [Mailing monitoring] In order to ensure proper quality of services the Administrator can include tags (also referred to as web beacons) in HTML e-mails sent by the customer service department or other messages sent (including newsletters and advertising mailing) to confirm their delivery.
  7. [Mailing – proper use] Provisions of items 3, 4 and 5 of this Policy (in particular operations of the User in terms of e-mails, e.g. clicking active elements of e-mails, e.g. links) shall apply to messages sent via e-mail in the HTML format referred to in the previous item.
  8. [Google Analytics] The Administrator can use Google Analytics or other similar systems from external suppliers on the Website. In particular, Google Analytics mainly uses its own cookies to report user interactions on Google Analytics customer sites (Services – Website). To handle the Advertising Functions of Google Analytics (such as remarketing) in services of the Google advertising network, e.g. AdWords, cookies by Google are used in the scope of ads. More on this technology, additional cookies used by it and manner of disabling this technology can be found on websites about safety of data published by the producer of the technology at:
  9. [OPT-OUT] Collected data is not used for other purposes than listed before, and in particular it is not disclosed to third parties without consent. At any time it is possible to object to further collection and saving of data (opt-out and disabling or limiting cookies – see “Change cookies settings” below – at the end).


3. Selection of privacy settings, including cookies, by the User

  1. Having a User Profile, the registered User can update or correct information concerning his/her personal profile, preferences of his/her mailbox and privacy settings at any time. Sometimes this may require contact with the Administrator if a given option is not available in the User Profile panel.
  2. The registered User can specify which information is available to other Users at any time, editing his/her User Profile in the scope allowed by its functionality.
  3. The User may refuse to provide personal information to the Website (OPT-OUT). In such a situation, the User may still have access to the Content about other Users and view the Website, however provision of some services may be impossible.
  4. The User may disable cookies in the browser settings. Instructions concerning the steps to take in the case of particular most popular browsers and devices or systems can be found at the end of this document.
  5. Disabling cookies in the browser and/or device may cause limitation in functionalities of the Website and various inconvenience for the User. In extreme cases it may be impossible to make purchases.


4. Ads on the Website

  1. The purpose of the Website is to share relevant and useful ads. In order to achieve that, cookies and advertising systems of other companies are used. To show relevant ads, various information, including cookies, web beacons, IP addresses, use statistics and other non-personal information concerning computers or devices (such as the browser type and operating system) can be used. In the case of logging in the User Account it is also possible to display ads based on information provided within the account.
  2. On the Website the Administrator uses cookies to make it easier for advertisers and publishers to display ads on this Website and other partners’ websites and to manage them. Ads can be displayed based on interests related to information about online activities which do not allow for user identification. Such information includes among others data about the content displayed by users. Ads can also be displayed based on previous activity on the website of a given advertiser, including previously made purchases or viewed products. Such information which does not allow for user identification is stored separately from data of the User Account and other information held by the Administrator allowing identification.
  3. Other advertising companies can display ads on the Website, unless they meet requirements of the Administrator concerning ad display. The Administrator does not share personal information without consent of the User with servers or networks of such companies. To obtain more information about practices applied by such servers and networks as well as instructions concerning withdrawal of your consent, read their privacy policies. The Privacy Policy of the Website shall not apply in this case. The Administrator cannot control actions of other advertisers or websites. All data obtained by advertising servers of other companies and shared with the Website is processed in compliance with this Privacy Policy.


5. More information

  1. Having a User Profile, the registered User can update or correct information concerning their personal profile, preferences of mailbox and privacy settings at any time. In the scope allowed by the functionality of the Website, the User can do this on his/her own. Otherwise, the User shall contact the Administrator/Help Center.
  2. The Administrator abides by Polish principles of safe storage of personal data. Responses to inquiries concerning products or accounts can be found on the pages of the Help Center.
  3. To obtain more information about our privacy protection procedures, become familiar with the list of archived versions or contact us through the User Help Center.


6. Changing cookies settings (in the most popular browsers)

The User may disable cookies in the browser settings. Instructions concerning steps to take for particular most popular browsers and devices or systems are available below:

NOTE: Disabling cookies in the browser may cause limitations in the functioning of websites and some inconvenience for the User, including the impossibility to make purchases.

Read the Information Clause of the GDPR.

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